All Lessons and  Class prices include  board, paddle and life vest rental.
Although not necessary, we do have wetsuits to hire: £5 each

Private Beginner Lesson: £35 each
You can begin to Stand Up Paddle in your first session. This lesson is devoted completely to you and starts on the sand with a basic introduction to equipment, water safety and awareness. Before taking to the water with your instructor and beginning to learn the skills of board handling, technique and form for paddling and maneuvering.

Semi-Private Lesson: £60 for two 
Learn to Stand up Paddle with a friend! This option saves money and you will learn the basics of SUP together.

Group Lesson:  (3+): £25 per person
Perfect for Special Occasions, Birthday Parties, Family Groups, Stag & Hen Do's. 
We can accommodate Private Party Groups or you can join an Open Shared Group and meet new friends
This class will have your entire group up and paddling and smiling by the end of the lesson 


£15 per hour, with a mini-tutorial on the sand to get you going 

Introductory Offer - once you have had a lesson with us or a Mini-Tutorial you can join the gang and become a 'Port Erin Paddler'. This entitles you to £10 per hour SUP rentals for a limited period

Eco-Adventure Tour:

Tour with refreshments: £60 per person
Do you already have some SUP experience and know how to Stand Up Paddle?...
If adventure, sightseeing and wildlife spotting is more what you are interested in, take a Guided Coastal Tour. 
This tour lasts 2 and a half hours and includes a lovely picnic basket lunch at your destination beach. After which your guide will bring you back to your start point at a leisurely pace
Your guide will take you along our beautiful coastline where you will see our Island from a new perspective. 
Hoping to spot marine life along the way and following the law of nature as we go - Leaving no trace, never disturbing, touching or harming and respecting. Bring your cameras and Go-Pros to this one

Twilight Glow Paddle: 

Fresh from San Diego, California experience the amazing Twilight Glo Paddle Adventure!
Each paddleboard is equipped with underwater LED lighting that makes for a magical spectacle of light. 
The glowing LED's are on the bottom of the boards allowing you to see into the illuminated waters up to 2 meters around and beneath you. The best bit? The lights attract curious fish as you glide along the water


SUP FIT Classes coming soon!

Please contact us for further details. We look forward to hearing from you :)

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